If you would like to request an appointment, provide the following information and send it via email to

  • Name, age and preferred pronouns.
  • Email and phone number.
  • City and availability.
  • Is this your first tattoo?
  • If you would like to get one of my currently available designs, please attach the image. If you would like to make any modification to it, also let me know so we can consider it :)
  • If you would like to get a custom design, tell me your idea with as much detail as possible. If you have any reference you would like to share, feel free to attach it to the message too.
  • Exact size in cm. and body placement.

In the reply you will recieve feedback regarding the idea, placement or size, options for your appointment date, an approximate price estimation and all the necessary information to make a first deposit in order to secure your appointment, and start working in your custom piece in case you requested one.

Don’t forget to check the FAQs below, and if you still have questions, feel free to ask!

I answer every email and message myself usually in a couple of days, but if I don’t just, be patient! I’ll get back to you as soon as I can :)

To keep updated with new available designs, projects and tour dates, you can follow me on Instagram as @dezsvi.


Where do you tattoo?

At the moment I am working in a private studio in Granada (Spain). I do travel whenever I can, so make sure you keep an eye to my tour dates!

How is the process of making a custom design?

After having a first conversation about the idea, and the first deposit already made, I will send 3 inicial sketches for your review. After your first comments, I will send new variants and continue working from then on. With a clear and fluid communication, by the twice or third exchange the piece is generally ready to get tattooed.

Where can I find your available designs?

You can find my available pieces here or in the Highlights section of my Instagram.

Do you tattoo designs more than once?

No. All of my designs are made to be tattooed only once, but I can make a custom similar piece for you if you fell in love with one that was already done.
Nevertheless, even though I do not repeat tattoos, I might replicate the designs in digital reproductions or artisanal printmaking techniques, such as screenprinting, linocut, woodcut or etching. You’re always welcome to visit the Printmaking and Poster Art section and see what’s around!

What happens if I cancel the appointment?

In case of cancellation, you will lose the deposit. If you need to reschedule, make sure to do it at least 48 hours in advance. Otherwise it will be considered a cancellation, having to make a new deposit to book again.

In case you asked for a custom work, the design might become available for other people to get, or become a printed product available to be purchased. The only way to keep it on hold is by paying the full cost of the tattoo session.

If instead, you want to have the design in full quality for a personal project, let me know we can work it out :)

How should I prepare for our session?

Choose comfortable, loose clothing that doesn’t need to be fully removed to access the area about to get tattooed, nor creates pressure in the zone afterwards.

Take a shower and make sure you’re using clean clothes to prevent infection risks.

Avoid drinking alcohol or caffeine, taking drugs (in general) or any kind of blood thinners the 24 hours prior.

Have a good meal, stay hydrated and sleep well the night before.

How do I take care of my tattoo?

I will give you specific aftercare instructions for your piece after our session, when we can also discuss any doubts you may have, but here are some general recommendations:

- Keep the film for the next 4 o 5 hours. After that time, you won’t need to use it any more. - - Wash your hands very well and then proceed to do the same with your tattoo: Rub it gently with warm water and a antibacterial/dermal soap without any perfume. Rinse it well and dry it by absorbing any rest of water, plasma or ink with paper napkin, doing a soft pressure to the the tattooed skin.
- After making sure the tattoo is completely dry, apply a very thin layer of aftercare cream. Do this every 5-6 hours for the first week.
- After the first week, you can stop washing it, and just apply cream when you notice dryness in the skin.
- Keep the tattoo covered from the sun, and use loose clothing. Do not touch it more than to sanitize it (always with your hands clean), and don’t take the crusts away. The tattoo should heal between 2 and 4 weeks depending on the size and type of work.

Remember, a tattoo is an open wound. Let it breath, take good care of it, stay hydrated, eat and sleep well.
Your body will do the rest.

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